The Flower flute

Do you want a super easy and fun way to display your flowers?
Then you should check out our Flower Flute!

Closeup of flowerflute

This unique vase adds a touch of creativity and whimsy to your floral arrangements. Depending on your preferences and the aesthetic you wish to achieve, you can create cute displays by combining flowers of different colors, textures, and shapes to celebrate the beauty of the season.

Cutting flowerstems with japanese scissor

What sets the Flower Flute apart is its flexibility, allowing you to sculpt it into various shapes that suit your aesthetic preferences. Shape it in circular formations, maintain a sleek and straight profile, or gently curve it for a unique and elegant addition to your table settings. Using more than one Flower flute will add even more display options!

Inserting flowers in the Flower flute

How to use the Flower Flute

  1. Fill the tubes with water 
  2. Choose your favorite flowers
  3. Give each stem a fresh cut with a sharp tool
  4. Insert them into the glass tubes 
  5. Shape the vase as you desire
  6. When it’s time for cleaning it I would recommend using a soft toothbrush
Flower flute filled with fresh flowers

This vase is perfect to use with thinner stems and different types of flowers that are not too top heavy. Dried flowers are perfect as well!

Sometimes, simplicity is key.
You can easily create a pretty display by using just one type of flower. If you fill all eight tubes of the Flower Flute with your favorite flower, fx vibrant germinis, cut in different lengths, this will make a bold statement and instantly brighten up your space.

Blue flowers in double flowerflute

The flower flute vase serves as a decorative piece in its own right. Whether displayed on a tabletop, mantle or shelf it adds an artistic flair to any space.
In the image above we've used two Flower flutes, this gives us even more room for creativity. It's easy to link them together by removing one of the endtubes and then attach the rings around the endtube of the second Flower flute.

Get creative and play around with it, it’s so easy to use, anyone can do it!