Decorate your midsummer table

Tomorrow it's Midsummer eve here in Sweden, a lively and joyous celebration that marks the summer solstice. It's one of the most important holidays in Sweden, right up there with Christmas. Midsummer eve is like a giant garden party with everyone dressed in their summer best.

Midsummerflowers in a footed glassbowl, with kenzan.

Flowers are a central part of the Swedish Midsummer celebration, adding color, fragrance, and a touch of magic to the festivities. Women and children often wear flower crowns, which they, traditionally, should make themselves. These crowns are typically made from seven different kinds of flowers, usually picked from meadows and gardens. Traditionally the flowers should be in colors of red, white and blue and the idea is to use a variety of wild blooms like daisies, poppies, cornflowers and various greenery. 

Decorate your table

Flowers are also used to decorate the tables where the festive meals are served, making the Midsummer celebration a feast for both the eyes and the soul. Therefore we want to show you guys an easy way to decorate your midsummertable. Since midsummer is all about tradition we decided to go all in and use our vintage porcelain. The white and blue works so well with the traditional colors and ties everything together. 

Table decorated for midsummer, using flowers in kenzans.

We’re using our versatile kenzans in different sizes together with traditional midsummer flowers. The flowerfrogs are an easy way to create a beautiful table setting! You get a lot of impact even with few stems, they’re just great!

Midsummer flowers, strawberries, kezans.

We’ve used our smallest kenzans, the 34mm ones, in the  coffeecups and the larger, 70mm one, in the glass bowl. How cute is that? 

Vintage coffeecups with floraldecorations using flowerfrogs.

Overall, Midsummer in Sweden is a vibrant mix of tradition, nature, and community spirit, all celebrated with the help of beautiful flowers and lots of good food and company.

Floraldecoration with cornflowers and alchemilla in a kezan.

According to tradition, if you pick seven different flowers and put them under your pillow on Midsummer's Eve, you'll dream of your future spouse. Don't miss that opportunity!

The Hanataba team wish you all a happy midsummer! :)