Stay sharp!

The latest additions to our floral toolkit are the japanese scissors and the secateurYou simply can't care for your flowers the right way without great tools! Put that old kitchen knife away and start cutting your stems like a pro! These tools are supersharp and will last you a long, long time given proper care.

Bunch of pink flowers.

Why does the cut matter?

Dull or inappropriate tools can crush or tear the stems rather than making a clean cut. This can damage the flower stem, inhibiting water uptake and causing the flowers to wilt prematurely. When flower stems are cut cleanly with sharp tools, they have a better chance of absorbing water and nutrients. This can extend the vase life of cut flowers, allowing you to enjoy them for a longer period. We all want that, right?

Japanese scissors and a bunch of flowers.

The scissors

Our pruning scissors are high quality, made in Japan in black carbon steel and are suitable for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Traditional japanese bonsai scissors like these are ideal for cutting small and medium size branches and roots and can also be used for general gardening jobs and floral arranging. With it's short but pointed edge, it cuts flower stems cleanly resulting in better water absorption. 

Hand cutting with japanese scissors.

Care instructions

The best tool blades are made of carbon steel as it offers a very high cutting performance, a long lasting edge and is easy to re-sharpen - but they simply are not stainless. However, it requires only a little care to keep them from getting rusty. Just dry them after use! From time to time they need to receive a smear of oil and a re-sharpening when necessary.

Stylish secateurs with wooden handles on a black box with 'HANATABA' branding in gold, embodying sophisticated flower cutting tools.

The secateur

Stainless steel secateurs are perhaps a little easier to maintain. They can be cleaned with water and mild detergent after use to remove any sap or debris. Occasional sharpening may be necessary to maintain optimal cutting performance. Our secateurs have a wooden handle that not only looks  good, it's also very comfortable to work with! To stop the handle from drying out it can be rubbed with a little oil from time to time.

Both these tools are great to use in the garden aswell, when pruning bushes or shaping topiary.