How it started


Hanataba is despite the name a Swedish invention. Hanataba  means bouquet in Japanese and there is a reason why this little gadget has been given just that name. Almost 20 years ago I was travelling in Japan and visited a flower school. In Japan, flowers are not worked in the same way as in the Western world. I had an idea there and then to develop a tool or technical solution that binds a bouquet in a spiral without mastering this accepted  abdominal technique.

I got caught up in the idea that the bouquet could be lifted out of the tool, machine or whatever it was going to be, but didn't get ahead. I was clear that it would take 2 levels/ discs with a number of holes in which the stems went through. With a twist, the spiral would be accomplished. But how do I get the bouquet off...

After many years, the redeeming idea came on a beautiful early summer day in a summer cottage area outside Malmö. During a coffee break when, as usual, I was thinking about things, it was suddenly clear. The intended "bouquet moth" does not need to be taken off the bouquet. It just needs to be designed so it becomes part of the bouquet!

I immediately ran out into the storage room and started working on what became the first prototype (you can see it in the photo below) by Hanataba. This was in


May 2018. First edition design of the Hanataba, an early prototype with a brass finish.

In January 2020 it was premiered at Formex in Stockholm

The rest, as they say, is history.

Christian Jonasson

CEO & inventor | Hanataba Original

Portrait of Christian Jonasson, CEO of Hanataba.