Japanese Scissor


Japanese Scissors made of Japanese Carbon Steel

Elevate your floral and bonsai artistry with the Japanese Scissor primarily crafted for Ikebana flower arrangements, meticulously crafted from black carbon steel. Designed for precision and ease, these scissors feature an extended shank and short blades, ideal for Ikebana, general gardening, and bonsai shaping. The traditional loop-shaped grip minimizes fatigue, enhancing your creative sessions.

Specifications of Japanese Scissors:

  • Material: High-quality black carbon steel for durability and sharpness
  • Weight: 185 g
  • Design: Classic Japanese loop-shaped grip for comfortable, prolonged use
  • Versatility: Perfect for Ikebana, general flower arranging, and bonsai work
  • Packaging: Delivered in a stylish matte black paper box, suitable for gifting

What Can It Be Used For?

  • Elevate Ikebana flower arranging
  • Sculpt bushes, trees, and other plants with precision
  • Perfect for Bonsai work
  • Trim flowers and branches with ease

How To Take Care of Your Japanese Scissor:

  • Wash or wipe off your scissors after each use with a towel, for example
  • Do not put your scissors in the dishwasher

Why Choose Our Japanese Scissor? Our scissors are not just tools but extensions of your artistic expression. Designed and made in Japan, they ensure precision cutting, allowing you to refine and perfect your plant and flower arrangements with minimal effort.

🌸 Ideal for Detailed Plant Work: From intricate Ikebana designs to general garden maintenance, these scissors are indispensable for anyone serious about plant and flower craftsmanship.