Bonsai Wire 2 mm


Versatile Bonsai Wire for Artistic Floral Arrangements🌳

Elevate your bonsai and floral art with our Silver Thread Bonsai Wire. This 2mm wire is crafted from pliable aluminum, providing maximum flexibility while offering strong support for delicate stems and branches. Its easy-to-bend nature allows you to mold your plants with precision.


  • Material: Durable aluminum for strength and pliability
  • Colors: Available in Silver, Green, Brown, and Pink
  • Thickness: 2mm for versatile creative use
  • Length: 3 meters per wire

Why Choose Our Silver Thread Bonsai Wire? Ideal for both beginners and professionals, this wire set offers the flexibility to craft detailed designs and maintain the balance of your bonsai or floral arrangements.

🌿 Perfect for Creative Projects: From bonsai shaping to floral arrangements, this wire set is indispensable for bringing your creative vision to life.