Kenzan Rake


Kenzan Rake - Essential Tool for Maintaining Flower Frogs and Kenzan Rings

Keep your flower arranging tools in pristine condition with the Kenzan Rake. Designed to effectively clean and maintain Kenzan rings and flower frogs, this rake features narrow, powerful metal arms that reach deep into crevices, removing debris and preventing bacteria buildup. A clean kenzan ensures longer-lasting floral arrangements by maintaining water quality and preventing the premature death of flowers.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of the Kenzan Rake today!


  • Material: Sturdy metal bristles and ergonomic wooden handle
  • Design: Slim yet robust arms for deep cleaning without damage
  • Efficiency: Removes organic material and bacteria, maintaining water clarity
  • Versatility: Ideal for restoring shine to metal bases of floral tools

Why Choose Our Kenzan Rake?

The Kenzan Rake is not just a cleaning tool; it's an essential part of maintaining the health of your floral arrangements. By preventing bacterial growth, it helps your flowers stay vibrant longer. This rake is a must-have for anyone dedicated to the art of floristry, ensuring their tools and water remain pristine.

🌿 Perfect for Detailed Cleaning:

From professional florists to flower arranging enthusiasts, this rake is indispensable for keeping your floral tools in optimal condition, ready for creating beautiful, lasting floral art.