Kenzan Ring 70mm


Kenzan Ring 70mm - Master the Art of Ikebana with Precision

Unlock the secrets of traditional Ikebana with our Kenzan Ring 70mm, designed for enthusiasts and professional florists alike. This robust tool features sharp, durable spikes that ensure your flowers and branches are perfectly positioned to create breathtaking arrangements. Whether you're crafting a simple vase display or an intricate floral masterpiece, the Kenzan Ring 70mm provides the stability and precision you need.

Choose your favorite flowers, stick them on to the spikes, and simply follow the round shape Voila, your flower arrangement is ready in just a few minutes!

Key Features of Kenzan Ring 70mm:

  • Material: Tin base with copper spikes for longevity and stability
  • Size: 70mm diameter accommodates a variety of floral types
  • Weight: 267g for added stability in your arrangements
  • Design: Circular form to facilitate artistic and airy flower placements
  • Packaging: Comes in an elegant black magnetic box, ideal for gifting or storage
  • Eco-Friendly: Reusable, promoting sustainable floral design
  • Length & Height: 90 mm & 30 mm

The benefits of  Kenzan:

  • Effortlessly Craft Quick Arrangements: With just a handful of flowers or branches, Kenzan enables swift and easy creations.

  • Elevate Minimalistic Designs: Harness the power of Kenzan to sculpt minimalist arrangements, accentuating clean lines and fluid visual motion.

  • Eco-Friendly Innovation: Kenzan isn't just a tool; it's a sustainable choice. Its reusable nature ensures a gentle footprint on the environment, making it a conscientious option for eco-conscious creators."

The Story Behind the Kenzan / Flower Frog:

The term "kenzan" is Japanese for "sword mountain," reflecting its origins in ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging, kenzans are essential for creating balanced, harmonious compositions. Ikebana emphasizes simplicity, harmony, and balance, with kenzans playing a vital role. These tools have also gained popularity in Western floral arranging, often referred to as "flower frogs." The term likely originated in early 20th century America, and these tools are cherished for their efficiency and creative potential.

Versatile Tools for Floral Artistry

Kenzans and flower frogs come in various sizes and shapes, allowing for versatility in different containers and arrangements. They are essential tools for both amateur and professional florists, facilitating the creation of beautiful and stable floral displays. Their core purpose remains unchanged: to assist in crafting stunning and stable floral arrangements.

Which flowers do we recommend for the Kenzan?

  • Tulip

  • Daisy 

  • Sunflowers

  • Orchid

  • Hydrangea 

  • Peony 

  • Iris

  • Daffodil

  • Lavender 

  • Lilac

  • Poppy

  • Sweet pea

  • Snowdrop

  • Hibiscus

  • Dahlia

  • Amaryllis

  • Ranuncuclus

  • Snapdragon

  • Anemone

How to Use Your Kenzan Ring 70mm: 

  • Position the Kenzan Ring 70mm in the base of your container.
  • Insert the stems into the sharp spikes to secure them in place.
  • Adjust the stems as needed to achieve your desired arrangement.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Kenzan 70mm:

For optimal cleanliness, use a Kenzan Rake brush with narrow, powerful metal arms to reach difficult areas where it´s otherwise almost impossible. A toothbrush or dish brush can also help, but for a thorough clean, the Kenzan Rake is ideal and a real hero. Keeping your Kenzan clean prevents bacteria buildup that can spoil the water and shorten the lifespan of your flowers. Hand washing is recommended.

  • For optimal cleanliness, use a Kenzan Rake brush
  • The Kenzan rake is great for cleaning the metal base to restore its shine
  • Otherwise, Clean with a dish brush or toothbrush after use.
  • Dry it upside down on a towel between uses.
  • Avoid constant submersion in water to prevent discoloration.

The Kenzan should not be constantly submerged in water, as there is a risk of discoloration. 

Why Choose Our Kenzan Ring 70mm? Experience the ease of creating minimalist yet impactful floral displays that emphasize natural beauty and artistic expression. Ideal for displays in homes, galleries, and at special events, this tool is fundamental for anyone serious about the art of flower arrangement.

🌼 Essential for Elegant Displays: Whether crafting a simple home decoration or a complex exhibit for an event, our Kenzan Ring is indispensable for achieving harmony and balance in your floral art.

Note: Prolonged use may lead to discoloration of the substrate, barrel, or bowl.