Crystal Clear


A fun, creative & easy way of making bouquets yourselfūüíź

Use fresh or dried flowers, put them in your Hanataba and twist. It's simple as that.


What's a Hanataba?

Hanataba is based on the same technique florists uses when making bouquets, the dutch spiral. 

We wanted to make sure that everyone could make their own bouquet without mastering the skill, which can take days and months to properly master.

With Hanataba you can make your own bouquet with no prior experience.



  • Creative and inspiring
  • Use flowers from the shop, your garden or the nature
  • Make classic bouquets or new looks
  • The perfect gift for you or a friend
  • Put in a vase or on a plate
  • The Hanataba can be placed in water
  • Works perfectly with most flowers

What flowers can be used in the Hanataba?

  • Rose¬†
  • Daisy¬†
  • Lily¬†
  • Tulip¬†
  • Iris¬†
  • Peony
  • Hydrangea¬†
  • Chrysanthemum¬†
  • Gerbera¬†
  • Sweet Pea
  • Carnation¬†
  • Dahlia¬†
  • Snapdragon
  • Zinnia¬†
  • Ranunculus
  • Grass
  • Pampas grass
  • Bunny tails¬†


Why Hanataba?

Using Hanataba is an exciting & creative journey for making bouquets with amazing volume.

  • Choose your favourite flowers (works both with fresh & dried)
  • Put them in your Hanataba
  • Twist! It's as simple as that!
  • The Hanataba gives your flowers exceptional volume by a simple twist
  • One Large Hanataba for 19 stems
  • One Small Hanataba for 7 stems
  • Packed in a elegant paperbox
  • Handwash recommended
  • Made of recycable acryl