Working with the Hanataba Original

Vibrant bouquet featuring purple stocks and green viburnum arranged using a Hanataba Original Spiral Stem Holder in champagne gold on a table by a window.

Got your new Hanataba and can't wait to get started? Check this out first!

The possibilities with your Hanataba Original bouquet twister are endless. Whether you want to create a minimal and stylish bouquet with just lilies and a few grasses or a really romantic one, filled with roses, you can. Anything goes, that's the beauty of the Hanataba Original!

Pink roses in a Hanataba Pink Champagne stem

While most flowers are great to use in our bouquet twister, there are some things to consider when choosing your flowers. First of all, they simply can't have too thick stems or they won't fit through the holes. Flowers with thin stems are usually not a problem, especially if you're using our siliconediscs. Adding this disc to the underside of your Hanataba Original will keep thin stems from slipping through the holes.

Attaching a silicone disc to Hanataba Champagne Gold.

All readily available flowers, like roses, tulips, lilies, peonies, gerbera, alstroemeria and so on are perfect to use in your bouquet twister. Most filler flowers are great aswell, like gypsophila, limonium, clematis, thlaspi as well as greenery like eucalyptus, ruscus, ferns, grasses and thinner branches like cherry and spirea. 

Tulips and spring flowers in a Hanataba Champagne Gold stem twister.

Try this trick

When using flowers with thin stems, like grasses or craspedias for example, you can always add more than one stem per hole in the Hanataba Original. This will add lots of volume and your bouquet will look alot fuller.
An easy way to do this is to gather up a few grasses and then use a small piece of tape around the bottom of the stems. That'll let you push all the grasses through as one piece. The tape is then cut off and no one will be the wiser! ;)
This trick is especially useful when you want to use dried flowers in your Hanataba Original, since their stems are often very thin and quite fragile. 

Close up of flowerstems in a Hanataba Champagne gold stem twister in

Branch out

If you want a really full and lush bouquet I would recomend using lots of filler flowers and to add suitable greenery. Flowers that are multistemmed or multibranched are a great choice. They add volume and depth and create interest at different levels within the bouquet. Flowers like eryngiums, carthamus, japanese butterfly ranunculus, waxflower, some varieties of lilies and baby's breath for example. 

Experiment with different flowers and remember to have fun with it! :)
The best part of all this? You don't need to be a professional florist to get in on the fun. With a little bit of creativity and some enthusiasm, anyone can use a Hanataba bouquet twister!