Hanataba Original in New York

We where invited to GOOD DAY NEW YORK in October 2023. It started with a post on our instagram @hanatabaoriginal, where Ebba posted a clip telling the story of our Hanataba Bouquet twister and how it was invented by Christian Jonasson. Bianca from Good Day New York fell in love with our bouquet twister gadget and wanted us to come to New York. How exciting! We got 6 minutes of live air time and we filled the studio with beautiful flowers and showed not only the Hanataba bouquet twister, but also our own designs of the Kenzan rings, more commonly known as flower frogs, but in a brand new design of a ring. Bianca tried the bouquet tool and made her own DIY bouquet using the Hanataba Crystal Clear. Rosanna tried the mid-size Kenzan ring