Kenzan ring 70mm


This unique Kenzan ring has a diameter of 70 mm that allows you to easily create grand, airy flower arrangements.

Choose your favorite flowers, stick them on to the spikes, and simply follow the round shape. Voila, your flower arrangement is ready in just a few minutes!

The benefits of  Kenzan:

  • You can make quick and easy arrangements with just a few flowers or branches 

  • The Kenzan allows you to create minimalistic arrangements that emphasize lines and visual movement.

  • Is an environmentally friendly tool, Since a Kenzan can be reused again and again.

Which flowers do we recommend for the Kenzan?

  • Tulip

  • Daisy 

  • Sunflowers

  • Orchid

  • Hydrangea 

  • Peony 

  • Iris

  • Daffodil

  • Lavender 

  • Lilac

  • Poppy

  • Sweet pea

  • Snowdrop

  • Hibiscus

  • Dahlia

  • Amaryllis

  • Ranuncuclus

  • Snapdragon

  • Anemone


Comes in a matte black box.

Material: Tin (Base) and Copper (Spikes)

Hand washing is recommended

Weighs 267 grams

Length: 90 mm

Height: 30 mm

How do you clean your Kenzan?

1. The Kenzan rake brush is a real "hero" when it comes to cleaning your flower frog / Kenzan. With its narrow but powerful metal arms, it can reach where it's otherwise almost impossible. A toothbrush / dish brush can help in some cases, but if you want to get your flower frog really clean, this is the brush to use. Using a dirty flower frog with organic material residues is an effective way to quickly spoil the water. Bacteria in the water will cause your flowers to die much faster. The Kenzan rake is also great for cleaning the metal base to restore its shine.

2. Clean your Kenzan with a dish brush or toothbrush after use. Place it upside down on a towel to allow it to dry between uses. The Kenzan should not be constantly submerged in water, as there is a risk of discoloration. Discoloration of the surface / dish / bowl may also occur with prolonged use.