Japanese Scissor


Japanese scissors made of Japanese carbon steel

Primarily crafted for Ikebana flower arrangements, the extended shank and short blades offer versatility and are beginner-friendly. This design allows it to be used not only for Ikebana but also for general flower arranging, gardening, and even bonsai work.


Classic, traditional Japanese design featuring a loop-shaped grip for a less fatiguing user experience

Made in Japan

Material: Black carbon steel 

Weight: 185 g

Our Japanese scissors are delivered in a matte black paper box

What is it used for?

  • Ikebana flower arranging
  • Shape bushes, trees, and other plants
  • Bonsai work
  • Trim flowers and branches

How to take care of your scissor:

  • Wash or wipe off your scissors after each use with a towel, for example
  • Do not put your scissors in the dishwasher