Alambre Para Bonsái 2mm Paquete De 4


Versatile Wire for Crafting Artistic Arrangements🌳🛠️

Enhance your bonsai and floral projects with our Bonsai Wire 2mm 4-Pack. Made from pliable aluminum, this wire is easy to shape, offering maximum flexibility while providing strong support for delicate branches and stems. Each pack includes four different colors, allowing you to experiment with various styles. Our Bonsai Wire is specially designed for hobbyists. Its easy-to-bend nature makes it ideal for various creative projects.


  • Material: Aluminum, combining strength and pliability
  • Colors: Silver, Green, Brown, Pink
  • Thickness: 2mm for versatile creative use
  • Length: 3 meters per wire, ideal for bonsai and floral shaping

Why Choose Our Bonsai Wire 2mm 4-Pack?

Perfect for both novice and experienced hobbyists, this wire set is an indispensable tool for achieving balance and creativity in your arrangements. Its pliability makes shaping easy, while the variety of colors ensures your designs are both functional and visually striking.

🌿 Ideal for Creative Projects:  From bonsai shaping to floral artistry, these wires offer the versatility needed to bring your creative vision to life.