All about kenzans

Spring arrangement in a 200mm Kenzan ring.

Hey there, flower enthusiasts! 

Let's dive into a world where petals dance freely and spikes hold them in place—yes, we're talking about the magical combo of flowers and kenzan! These little spikes may not look like much, but oh, do they work wonders. They're like the backbone of our floral creations, keeping everything in place with ninja-like precision. 

Close up of a kenzanring


Kenzan, also known as the flower frog, was invented by the japanese many, many centuries ago. Originally created to help arrange flowers in shallow containers, it's basically a metal or ceramic plate with spikes sticking out of it. These sturdy spikes keep flower stems in place and ensures that the flowers remain upright and stable. 

Kenzan springflower arrangement in a white bowl.

Kenzans totally changed the game for ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging, making it easier to create more complex and stable floral designs. Over time, kenzan has evolved, but its role in floral design remains essential. It's a handy tool that helps you create balanced and beautiful arrangements with ease! 

Closeup of flower stems in a 120mm  Kenzan ring.

Blooming inspiration

With a kenzan, anyone can create beautiful and long-lasting floral arrangements, it's simply a great tool for florists and enthusiasts alike. We offer various sizes of kenzans, including our own version; the beautiful and versatile circular flower frog, The kenzan ringWith this product you can create elegant, wreath shaped floral displays using only one tool instead of for example several smaller kenzans or floral foam. 

Vibrant tablescape featuring a colorful array of flowers arranged using a 200mm Kenzan Fakir ring on a reflective gold runner.

A very proud moment for us was when the famous florist Per Benjamin chose to decorate the tables at the Nobel prize awards with our kenzan rings. It looked absolutely stunning! While most of us probably won't use thousands of flowers like Per Benjamin did, the result is often just as pretty even if you use only a few of your favourite stems! That's the beauty with kenzans; everything works, there is no right or wrong!  So go ahead, let your imagination run wild and see where it takes you!